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"Aging in Place"
Since its inception in 1982, the Coastside Adult Day Health Center's mission is to keep people as healthy, active, and independent as possible, when advancing age calls for more care and attention. The Center's goal is to help restore and maintain mental and physical health to enhance the quality of life for our participants and their caregivers so they can remain in their own homes, near family and friends; in the community they helped build.

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Address: 925 Main St., Ste A
Half Moon Bay, CA 94019
Phone Number: 650-726-5067 ext. 205
Fax: 650-726-8743
"Person Centered Care"
With compassion and professionalism, CADHC offers a comprehensive, structured day health care program with all-inclusive services that are individualized for each participant.
Services include:
Nursing, Medication Monitoring and Personal Care
Physical, Occupational, and Speech Therapies
Memory Enhancement Program (beginning stage dementia)
Alzheimer's Program (intermediate and advanced stage dementia)
Social Services/Case Management
Information and Referral
Stimulating Group Activities (cognitive and physical)
Respite and Support Groups for Families and Caregivers
Nutrition Education and Counseling
Daily Hot Nutritious Lunch
Door to Door, Wheelchair Accessible Transportation
"I consider myself more or less independent now after 6 months of love and care I received at the Coastside Adult Day Health Center." Success story from a 82 year old female that was diagnosed with multiple medical issues, including failure to thrive. Compassionate Care for Seniors!

"We don't know what we would have done without the care and attention at CADHC. My 91 year old mother tells us every night how she enjoyed her day. It is home away from home." Testimony from a caregiver helping her mother "Age in Place". Respite for Caregivers!

"We just want to thank-you with all our hearts for the marvelous warmth and kindness you have shown us. I love coming to your support group. I feel like I have family." Testimony from a caregiver and her 86 year old spouse diagnosed with dementia. Caregivers need care giving too!

We enrolled an 83-year-old Chinese woman with a diagnosis of late stage Alzheimer's. She primarily spoke Chinese, but understood English. Her cognitive functioning was very poor, she would not verbalize her needs and her affect was flat. She needed prompting just to eat. The family was responsible for her 24-hour care and desperately needed respite. After approximately two weeks of therapy and person centered care, she began to respond. She engaged in the activities, began speaking, and her flat expression changed to a smile. She was enjoying her self. The family was thrilled and felt better about getting the respite they needed and therefore they were able to remain caring for her at home. CADHC meets a dual purpose; we care for both the client and the family.