About Coastside Gives

In 2017, inspired by the collaborative efforts of nonprofits that participated in Silicon Valley Gives 2016, a few like-minded individuals with a long history of nonprofit involvement on the coast had an idea to accomplish one major goal: raise money to give to worthy nonprofits from Montara to Pescadero.

We created the event Coastside Gives to bring awareness to the unique culture, environment, and spirit of community in Half Moon Bay, California. Our annual giving day is an opportunity for all to support the local organizations that help make this community such a special place to live, work, grow and play.

In 2017, with support from the East Bay Community Foundation, we raised nearly $325,000 for local nonprofits. In 2018, we far exceeded our goal of $400,000 and raised almost $468,000 with the help of Silicon Valley Community Foundation, Mavericks Community Foundation, and our wonderful network of supporters and nonprofits. We are hopeful that Coastside Gives 2019 with be just as, if not more, successful.

Registration for Coastside Gives 2019 opens on January 18, 2019. 

Some testimonials from past nonprofit participants:

"Coastside Gives gave the Half Moon Bay High School Foundation a supportive platform to raise substantial monies, easily and we had a lot of fun doing it!"
- Amy Broome, Half Moon Bay High School Foundation President

"A spring 'giving day' has been a key part of Coastside Hope's annual fundraising calendar since 2014. Back then, we had no experience with giving days, and many on our Board were skeptical. But Silicon Valley Community Foundation was sponsoring the first SVGives event, so we decided to participate. Despite our inexperience, we raised over $16,000 on May 6th, 2014! Since then we have gratefully participated in spring giving days sponsored variously by SVCF and the East Bay Community Foundation, raising an average of $27,000 per giving day. We are excited to participate in Coastside Gives on May 1st, 2018, as Mavericks Community Foundation transitions from co-sponsor to lead foundation for this important local fundraising day!"
- Keith Terry, Community Development Director, Coastside Hope

"Coastside Gives gave the Village of the Coastside a wonderful opportunity to raise funds, make new friends and spread the word about our all-volunteer organization which serves and celebrates mature Coastside adults who want to stay active, connected and independent in their neighborhoods and homes for as long as they choose. We are so happy to participate in 2018 Coastside Gives!"
- Judy Macias, Founder and Chair, Village of the Coastside