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In 2015, a few like-minded individuals with a long history of nonprofit involvement on the coast had an idea to accomplish one major goal: raise money for local nonprofits. the Mavericks Community Foundation serves as a catalyst for local giving by bringing awareness to the nonprofits in our community. We fulfill our mission by facilitating fundraisers, capacity-building support services and events to encourage community development. We are dedicated to improving the lives of those on the San Mateo County Coast.


"We doubled our donors and our donations through the strategies that Coastside Gives emphasized."

"Coastside Gives 2018 was a great experience to network with a diversity of nonprofit organizations with the common goal of enhancing the livelihood of all Coastside residents regardless of income. The funds collected from Coastside Gives 2018 allowed us to purchase much needed math and science supplies for our programs."

"Coastside Gives is an opportunity to communicate to the public the wonderful services we have to offer to our community for our frail, elderly, and disabled. We also were able to use the funding donated for our scholarship fund. Many of our clients are on fixed incomes and unable to pay for our services."

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The Mavericks Community Foundation strives to make a lasting impact on the San Mateo County Coast by encouraging community engagement, support, and collaboration. We envision a future where all our Coastside nonprofit organizations are enabled to support the needs of our community.


- Mavericks Community Foundation is proud to facilitate Coastside Gives annually in support of local coastside nonprofits. In order to continue offering Coastside Gives we need monetary support from donors. We say that Coastside Gives is an annaul "day" of giving but the truth is it takes our team many months of backend work and preperation to organize the event. Can you believe that our efforts for a May Gives Day actually being in November of the previous year? Donations to MCF will allow us to continue offering and expanding the event to best support the fundraising needs of our local nonprofit organizations.

- Mavericks Community Foundation is in the implementation phase of a 4 year strategic plan. We are looking beyond Coastside Gives! One of our primary goals is to shift our nonprofit support services from a seasonal to a year round model. Donations made to MCF will help our team continue to make forward progress in building a robust and sustainable community foundation with year round service capabilities.

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Mavericks Community Foundation

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