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The Village of the Coastside promotes a vibrant seniors community and a healthy quality of life with neighbors helping neighbors. We provide social connections, access to services, learning opportunities and senior activities that enhance wellness while living in a community we love.

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Address: P O Box 1595
El Granada, CA 94018
Phone Number: 650-440-5030
The Village of the Coastside (VOTC) is a membership organization -- and a "virtual village" -- for Coastside adults. Members meet new friends, share experiences, lively conversation and get support from volunteers and from each other.

As one of 400 Villages across the US, VOTC offers get-togethers and recreational activities such as lunches and dinners in local restaurants, walking and hiking, musical events, museum visits, community events, and much more. The Village of the Coastside members wish to stay independent and remain in our homes for as long as possible. Knowing that VOTC is there and willing to to help gives us peace of mind and confidence. Volunteers provide local transportation, run errands, provide simple handyman services, provide phone check-in / home visits, and other personal services, as needed. When a volunteer is not available, a list of preferred providers is maintained, who may offer discounts.

Two types of VILLAGE membership are available, a social membership (MEMBER) which offers access to all social and cultural activities which are held in different venues throughout the area and beyond; and the MEMBER PLUS level with additional benefits and access to personal and in-home support services through screened volunteers.The Village of the Coastside is managed and operated by volunteers; members are encouraged to participate at all levels of leadership and to add their voices to the issues affecting us all.

What do we do with donations & funding?
Membership fees can't cover the expenses to grow the Village to meet expand the outreach and the capacity for services. There are over than 10,000 Coastsiders over the age of 50 and this number will continue to grow. We are on the front lines of making sure that aging in place is a viable option.

We also need financing to advocate for Housing, Transportation and Medical opportunities. We have ongoing meetings with the city of Half Moon Bay, San Mateo County and local health care providers to help them understand the current and future issues. We want to increase our visibility in these areas and provide more information to our members about options.

A membership-driven organization as robust as VOTC can't rely permanently on only on a volunteer staff. Over time, administrative responsibilities lead to burn out, and divert energy from building programs. One major goal is to hire Administrative Staff and we are almost there. We have $33,000 towards a $50,000 goal for hiring someone to take over some of the tasks, like coordinating our Assistance Program and serving as "telephone concierge".

Donations to the Village of the Coastside are tax deductible under the TAX ID 94-3119310 of our fiscal sponsor, Senior Coastsiders.
"Recently, we visited the Fitzgerald Marine Reserve in Moss Beach. The visit was led by a docent from the San Mateo County Parks organization, and was scheduled to coincide with the very low king tides, which occur on the Coastside this time of year. It was fun and informative." -- Dick Ward, El Granada

Pickle Ball: "It's great exercise and I look forward to it every week." --Arlene Lindberg, El Granada

Village Conversations: "My favorite Village activity." -- Dianne Mahan, Moss Beach

"The friendliness of the group is very welcoming" --Joyce Logan, Half Moon Bay

"Members are more aware of community activities -- Harvey Rarback, Half Moon Bay

"I was familiar with the concept of villages and, although I was not involved in establishing the Village of the Coastside, I immediately joined when I heard that it was opening. In the past year or so it has changed my life. I have become a more active person, both within the organization (I help the finance chairman and serve on the membership committee and management committee) and in its social activities. Currently in a wheelchair and not driving, I have benefited from many rides to social events, meetings and appointments, as well as pet care, by volunteers. I know that I can receive help if needed in various other areas through the Village volunteers if I need it. And having spent my work life "over the hill" or in San Francisco, I have really enjoyed making new friends in the Village and meeting people along the coast. The Village of the Coastside has definitely met my expectations." Janet Crist-Whitzel, Half Moon Bay