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Wilkinson School is a supportive, dynamic community committed to educating the whole child, and preparing students for the challenges of high school and life, having fostered a strong sense of self, family, community and an empathetic knowledge of the wider world.

Thank you for supporting our schools!

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Address: 750 Avenue Alhambra
El Granada, CA 94018
Email: office@wilkinsonschool.org
Phone Number: 650-726-4582
What are you thankful for? We are thankful for the friends and families that are the foundation of Wilkinson School. Wilkinson School is a special place that:

- celebrates each child for the individual they are
- is committed to small class sizes where teachers build strong relationships with every student
- shapes its curriculum around the unique strengths and needs of each child
- favors a hands-on educational approach where learning comes to life
- supports and values our teachers so they can excel as educators
- teaches the importance of community, other cultures, and understanding our relationship with the world around us.

Wilkinson School enriches children, family and the community - it provides an educational choice and essential resource for children that is unique on the Coastside - and rare in the Bay Area.

Help us in ensuring the benefits of Wilkinson School remain available to Coastside children and families from across our community by making a generous donation to the Wilkinson Educational Fund. Like non-profit schools everywhere, tuition alone does not fully cover Wilkinson's annual educational expenses, and so your tax-deductible donations are essential to the school.

Please join us in supporting the Wilkinson Education Fund and by making a pledge or donation today, you will be making this unique school affordable for a wide range of families across the coast. Every contribution - of any size - helps secure the quality and future of the Wilkinson School for the children.

We give our heartfelt thanks to you for supporting the education of our children and the future of our beloved school.

"I love Wilkinson School! My grandson began his academics in kindergarten 4-years ago. The staff is smart, committed and genuinely encourage parent and grandparents participation. Today we have a 1st grader, 2nd grader and 4th grader attending Wilkinson. My favorite extracurricular actives are the Vegetable Garden and the Arts Programs. Last year's stage production was The Little Mermaid and it was spectacular. Children thrive at Wilkinson School" - Mary J.

"We have 2 children at Wilkinson. It is a unique and special place. The teaching is focused on the needs of each individual child and our children have thrived in this small, intimate environment. In particular, the children have been strongly encouraged to advance in the subjects they excel at but have also been very supported in the topics in which they struggle. The teachers are second to none." - Emily P.

"Wilkinson has small class sizes, incredible teachers, a broad arts and music program, and engaging STEM hands-on activities. Wilkinson has been an amazing place for my son, he loves going to school, and the community is awesome!" - Jenny P.