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The Big Wave Project is dedicated to creating an inclusive and interactive community of people and businesses to provide a purposeful and independent life for individuals with developmental disabilities through affordable housing, meaningful employment, and a supportive community on the Coastside.

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Address: P.O. Box 1901
El Granada, CA 94018
Phone Number: 650-742-9433
The Big Wave Community is an affordable housing building project for the disabled, scheduled to begin construction in the summer of 2018, where adults with developmental disabilities can live independently and have the opportunity for meaningful employment to share their talents with others. This community will include facilities and programs designed to promote the physical, mental and social well-being of people with developmental disabilities, residents and non-residents alike. Big Wave continues to celebrate the success of the Big Wave progress, as it enters its building phase, as it is completed and the disabled residents move in and begin their lives together.

Matt is a future resident of Big Wave. He and his family moved into the Half Moon Bay area following the death of his mother 10 years ago when Matt was 24. Matt's disability is autism, coupled with dyslexia, but unlike most with autism, he has a special ability to communicate with others at an extremely high level. He attends classes at the College of San Mateo and hopes to be able to achieve a bachelor's degree in psychology in the future.

Matt hasn't always been as able to mingle with other groups as he is currently. In the past he was more reclusive. He preferred to spend time playing video games alone. His involvement with Big Wave has introduced him to peers and families that welcome him, strive to understand him and help him to succeed. He participates in all Big Wave activities, is on a San Mateo County Commission on Disabilities, plays on the Special Olympic basketball team, belongs to other clubs at CSM and now plays video games online with other players, all things he could not have done in the past. In his spare time he works for Bubbles and Blooms, designing and selling flower arrangements.

Matt has one brother who continues to participate in his life and Big Wave activities, but their father is in declining health. Living at Big Wave will enable Matt to continue on this successful path. He has a certificate in peer counseling and would like to help others moving Big Wave to adjust to a new, more independent life, a skill that Matt has had to develop. The social changes others can appreciate in Matt are overwhelming and largely due to his involvement with the Big Wave Group. Matt's uncle, Jim, an active Big Wave family member, says of Matt, "being among his peers allows him to be who he is" and thrive.